TTCM Campground Rules for Bellevue and Hesperia Campgrounds

1. These campgrounds are owned and operated by the members of Travel Trailer Club of the Midwest (TTCM). They are for the use of TTCM Members and their guests.

2. It is each member's responsibility to provide proof of membership. Each member must display their TTCM numbers and current year sticker, so that it is visible from the outside of your unit at all times, including storage.

3. It is your responsibility to check in with the property tender before setting up. It is not the property tenders job to come after you. Handicap areas are available; please inquire with the campground director or property tender.

4. The dump station is for members and guests. In keeping with helping fellow campers, a charge of $10.00 could be accepted from outside campers.

5. No dumping of any kind of waste water directly on the ground. Waste water must be drained into a closed container and disposed of at the dump station.

6. Members are responsible for their children, guests, and pets.

7. Motorbikes/cycles, electric carts, tractors, etc., other than those made for small children, may only be operated by a licensed driver, 16 years or older. Proof of insurance must be on file with the campground director. Any vehicle driven after dark, must have lights.

8. Speed limit in the campgrounds is 5 mph for the safety of everyone. This must be enforced.

9. Please, no car or RV washing in the park on the weekend. Please get approval from the campground director.

10. The use of outside mats, rugs, or canvas flooring is discouraged, but permitted. However, they must be picked up when the camper is unoccupied for any length of time.

11. Please observe quiet time. 11:00pm to 8:00am

12. All youth 12 and under should be in or near their campsites by 11:00pm unless accompanied by a parent/adult.

13. All campers are to police their own areas and refrain from littering or defacing the campgrounds, or the buildings. It is also expected, if you use the Rec. Hall that you clean up the tables, floor, and kitchen area when finished. If a chapter or group uses the electrical or gas appliances, a donation to cover the operational costs is appreciated.

14. Garbage is to be placed in plastic bags and tied tightly and placed in the dumpster.

15. Ground fires are not permitted. The use of portable barbecues and other fire pots should be done in a manne r that will not damage the grass or tables.

16. All pets are to be confined to owner's campsite, unless they are on a leash not to exceed 10 ft. in length. All pet droppings must be cleaned up immediately. This includes all cleared areas of the campgrounds, including the dog run. Pets will not be permitted in any building. Pets must not disturb other campers with barking or aggressive behavior.

17. Hunting is not permitted on any TTCM property.

18. Smoking is prohibited in the Rec. Hall.

Failure to follow these rules could mean up to and including expulsion from the campground and/or loss of membership.

If you have any questions, please contact the campground director or property tender in the absence of the campground director.

Revised September 2, 2019

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