Calendar of Events

TTCM, as a whole, hosts multiple family oriented events throughout the camping season.
Regional Local Chapters also host smaller monthly events as well.

Upcoming Events

  • May 1st
    Campgrounds Open
    NO Board of Directors Meeting on this day (re-scheduled to the 15th)

  • May 15th
    Board of Directors Meeting -- 10:00 AM @ Hesperia
    All club members are welcome to attend this meeting.
    Please contact your Chapter President if you need something addressed at the meeting.

  • May 30th -- Memorial Weekend

  • June 21st tru 25th
    Sewing Bee -- Hesperia -- (COVID permitting)

  • Sept 4th thru 6th
    All American Rally -- Bellevue

  • Sept 6th
    Membership Meeting -- 10:00 AM @ Bellevue

  • Sept 20th thru 24th
    Sewing Bee -- Hesperia

  • Oct 2nd
    Halloween Outings -- Hesperia & Bellevue

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